James Cameron TED Talk

I’m in the middle of a blog tour for Mind of the Beast. You can find more information about it at magicalunderworld.com. In the meantime I wanted to share some jewels I’ve found on YouTube or TED Talks.

Today’s nugget is James Cameron. Here’s a guy who started out reading science fiction and used making movies to fulfill his dreams of exploration. I don’t want to give away any more. As you watch these videos, keep this in mind, all these guys have one thing in common: they didn’t give up on a dream and went farther then anyone really thought they could.


Had a rough day? Let Alex Boye & Nic Vujicic inspire you.

Imagine being a teenage boy in the foster care system until you find yourself on the streets. It sounds pretty hopeless doesn’t it? Not for Alex Boye. Listen to his story and hear him sing. You will not be disappointed.

If that wasn’t inspirational enough, Nick Vujicic takes the mic. I can’t imagine what his parents must have gone though when he was born without arms or legs. Yes, you read that right; he was born without limbs. But after a pretty rough childhood, he has made a life for himself and made a difference in countless people’s lives.

We have been watching the Hour of Power since we moved out of Southern California. It’s been a great way to stay connected. Pastor Bobby Schuller is one of the most inspirational ministers I know.  He’s been a great pastor and friend to us for years.

Sting: A Boy and His Guitar

Sting: A Boy and His Guitar

A boy sits in his room with his beat up guitar. The strings are rusty and it’s severely out of tune.

Yet he plays.

Next door is what’s supposed to be his future, a shipyard where the locals work. It’s noisy and dangerous but getting a job there is competitive. Some of the largest ships in the world are built there.

As the boy plays his guitar, he dreams of a brighter future filled with music, large audiences and awards. It is a dream that’s completely farfetched and crazy. How can a boy with that background become a rock star?

Where would he be if Sting believed that he was destined to work in a shipyard? And what do you think he did after he went years with writer’s block? In this TED Talk he shares with us how his thinking changed that allowed him to become a rock star (you’ll never guess who inspired him) and what he did to write music again.

As you watch this, consider a couple of questions. What do you have in common with that boy, what is your equivalent of being a rock star and what do you need to do to shine?

Ray Bradbury’s advice to writers.

I’m a self improvement junkie. At least once a week, I scour the web looking for ways to improve my writing, effectiveness or learn a new skill. Right now I’m listening to 7 Habits of Highly Effective People again. My biggest goal is learning to live more in Quadrant II, the quadrant where you tend to concentrate on things that are important but not pressing. Too many times we get caught up in taking care of emergencies that we have little time to prevent them.

In my quest to become a better writer, I stumbled upon this gem. Ray Bradbury spends an hour talking about what his career was like and giving a prescription of what writers can do to improve their writing. I plan on writing and reading more short stories. I don’t know if this happens to you, but I get so caught up in reading full length novels that I don’t have the time for short stories.

When you’re done watching this video, check out this website: http://flashfictiononline.com. I really enjoyed 31-E.

Tor.com and the New Yorker also have some really great short stories too.

Finding Nemo creator Andrew Stanton TED Talk about Storytelling

I must have seen this video a dozen times.  I have seen almost all of Andrew Stanton’s animated films. He’s made us believe that toys come to life when we’re not there in Toy Story, made us realize that we really do need to “just keep swimming” in Finding Nemo and shown beauty in the aftermath of destruction WALL-E.

This video lasts less than 20 minutes long, but he gives a treasure trove of advice to writers in it. His first piece of advice, “Make me care.”

Wow! Have you thought about the story you’re writing in this context? Sure, it might have explosive action scenes or a great mystery. But, how much effort have you given to making the reader fall for your characters? How much do you know your characters, even the villains?


It’s been a busy few months but I’m back.

I didn’t mean to take this long to begin this website, but I’m hoping that you will be glad I did.

MindofthebeastFinal_MedIt’s been crazy these past months. For starters, I coauthored the sequel to Demon Dance. It’s called Mind of the Beast. I had so much fun working with Brian on it. We released the book on Amazon last month.

I still have terrific plans for this website but it is going to take me longer. In the meantime, I’m going to add resources I’ve found helpful in our journey as independent authors.

Scrivener – https://www.literatureandlatte.com/scrivener.php – Brian and I used this to map out our stories and keep track of our research. You would be amazed how much research goes into learning about a Norse Goddess or a Loa.

Tip: Use one index card per scene and make sure that there is some sort of change in the scene. Write a few sentences summarizing the scene on the front (Just enough for you to understand the scene). On the back write the scene. We don’t write the scenes until all of the summaries are done. That way we can see the entire corkboard and watch the evolution of the story. It is there that we delete scenes or add them.

Alliance of Independent Authors: http://www.selfpublishingadvice.org – You don’t have to venture into the world of self publishing alone. Not only do these guys have a great blog with just about everything you need to know about self publishing, members congregate on Facebook, where we offer each other a treasure trove of info we’ve learned. They are in the UK but some of us are here in the U.S. Most of the information I’ve received can be applied globally.

Independent Book Publisher Association: http://www.ibpa-online.org – These guys offer significant discounts to self publishing and publicity resources.

CreateSpace: https://www.createspace.com – We use them for Print On Demand print books. They are owned by Amazon and offer a lot of helpful advice.
Kindle Direct Publishing: https://kdp.amazon.com – Also owned by Amazon, they offer distribution to the kindle platform. Make sure to like the Facebook page for helpful articles about self publishing and promotion.
Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com – They will distribute your ebook to Apple, Nook, KOBO and many, many more.

Welcome to Trust You Can

Hi there!

Welcome to a project I’ve wanted to do for some time now. I hope you by the time you leave, you will feel just a little more empowered. You know that dream you’ve always wanted to do, but didn’t think you could? Well, I’m going to try to make it seem just a little more possible.

Hope. That’s a scary word isn’t it? After all, if we get our hopes up and it doesn’t work out, then we are setting our self up for failure, right? But what if failure didn’t exist? Do me a favor. Take a minute and see if there was a time where something didn’t work out but in the end it turned out for the best. Either the timing was bad or it prevented something bad from happening or better yet, set you up for something better? I’m betting you found more than one.

Hi. My name is Juliet Freyermuth. I’ve been wracking my brain for weeks trying to figure out how to start this blog. The only thing I knew was its purpose: to help people believe in themselves. Before I go into what I plan to include in the coming weeks, I figured it was a good idea to share a little about myself. I’m married to game designer/author Brian Freyermuth. Brian and I met in the middle of our senior year in high school over 23 years ago. He had two dreams back then. One was design video games and the other was to publish a novel. Pretty crazy, huh? He’s been a designer/writer for the industry for almost 20 years and last year, as present for our 18th wedding anniversary, I started Middark Press and published his novel, Demon Dance. The sequel, Mind of the Beast will be out in a couple of months. Two impossible dreams achieved. When I’m not editing, writing or promoting, I like read, help friends achieve their dreams and hangout with my teenage son.

Over the next weeks, I’ll introduce you to books I’ve read, websites that I think are helpful and resources I’ve found over the past year for writers. I figured that would be a great start.

If you would like to be kept updated on what I’m doing here, sign up for my newsletter. I’ll make sure to keep you contact info to myself.

Thank you for stopping by.