Welcome to Trust You Can

Hi there!

Welcome to a project I’ve wanted to do for some time now. I hope you by the time you leave, you will feel just a little more empowered. You know that dream you’ve always wanted to do, but didn’t think you could? Well, I’m going to try to make it seem just a little more possible.

Hope. That’s a scary word isn’t it? After all, if we get our hopes up and it doesn’t work out, then we are setting our self up for failure, right? But what if failure didn’t exist? Do me a favor. Take a minute and see if there was a time where something didn’t work out but in the end it turned out for the best. Either the timing was bad or it prevented something bad from happening or better yet, set you up for something better? I’m betting you found more than one.

Hi. My name is Juliet Freyermuth. I’ve been wracking my brain for weeks trying to figure out how to start this blog. The only thing I knew was its purpose: to help people believe in themselves. Before I go into what I plan to include in the coming weeks, I figured it was a good idea to share a little about myself. I’m married to game designer/author Brian Freyermuth. Brian and I met in the middle of our senior year in high school over 23 years ago. He had two dreams back then. One was design video games and the other was to publish a novel. Pretty crazy, huh? He’s been a designer/writer for the industry for almost 20 years and last year, as present for our 18th wedding anniversary, I started Middark Press and published his novel, Demon Dance. The sequel, Mind of the Beast will be out in a couple of months. Two impossible dreams achieved. When I’m not editing, writing or promoting, I like read, help friends achieve their dreams and hangout with my teenage son.

Over the next weeks, I’ll introduce you to books I’ve read, websites that I think are helpful and resources I’ve found over the past year for writers. I figured that would be a great start.

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Thank you for stopping by.