Ray Bradbury’s advice to writers.

I’m a self improvement junkie. At least once a week, I scour the web looking for ways to improve my writing, effectiveness or learn a new skill. Right now I’m listening to 7 Habits of Highly Effective People again. My biggest goal is learning to live more in Quadrant II, the quadrant where you tend to concentrate on things that are important but not pressing. Too many times we get caught up in taking care of emergencies that we have little time to prevent them.

In my quest to become a better writer, I stumbled upon this gem. Ray Bradbury spends an hour talking about what his career was like and giving a prescription of what writers can do to improve their writing. I plan on writing and reading more short stories. I don’t know if this happens to you, but I get so caught up in reading full length novels that I don’t have the time for short stories.

When you’re done watching this video, check out this website: http://flashfictiononline.com. I really enjoyed 31-E.

Tor.com and the New Yorker also have some really great short stories too.


Author: julietfreyermuth

I'm a mom, a student, a mentor, and a career coach. I like to read, hike, play on the beach but most importantly, I like to help people get to where they want to go. For many years I was a resume writer. I also spent a short time as a recruiter as well as help people research how to start or promote their business. My husband and I released "Mind of the Beast" in August 2014, the sequel to Demon Dance.

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